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November 29, 2013

Where To Drink It ›

Where to Drink It: Upshot Espresso

Upshot Test

Based in Sheffield, along Glossop Road you will find Upshot Espresso filled with locals all year around and crammed with students during term time. With a rustic wood aesthetic, Upshot is all about good food and great coffee.

With a low set bar and seats, the team at Upshot have tried to emphasise customer interaction with the baristas and the brew methods themselves. Two different espressos are available at any time, and you will regularly see our Cult of Done or single origin espresso featured. In addition, Sam and the team at Upshot will be more than happy to make you a brew on V60 or Aeropress. A warm and relaxing venue, Upshot Espresso is a coffee destination for Yorkshire.

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Upshot Espresso

355 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2HP

0114 278 0333

Mon to Fri – 8am to 5pm
Sat to Sun – 10am to 4pm

November 27, 2013

Fresh Crops ›

Fresh Crops: Finca Tamana, Colombia

Elias 001Tamana - Nov 2013 004

Elias Roa is very proud of his farm, Finca Tamana, and rightly so. A combination of his hard work and Tim Wendelboe’s ideas, has seen the quality of the coffee improve season by season and Workshop are pleased to be have this latest outturn, Caturra Lots 1 & 2 from the main harvest of 2013.

Separated into individual lots across the farm, Tamana’s crop is split roughly 50/50 between the Caturra and Colombia varieties. Starting with cherry selection, Elias asks his pickers to try and pick only the ripe cherries each day as they harvest a particular lot. Once returned to the wet mill cherries are submersed in water, the less dense coffee skimmed off, before being laid out onto tables for pre-pulping sorting. It is this step that seems to add a great deal in the finished product as the workers pick out the over and under-ripes that are detrimental to quality. This extra attention to detail is of course rewarded with Elias’ workers receiving over 50% higher wages than most in the area for cherry collection.

Tamana - Nov 2013 007IMG_3019Tamana - Nov 2013 003

Pulped the same day as harvesting, the coffee is dry fermented 12 hours overnight before wet fermentation takes place. Making full use of the natural spring that emerges 250 metres from the farm buildings, Elias washes his coffee four times, stirring the beans and skimming off any further floaters and pulp that made it through to this stage before finally leaving the coffee in fresh water for 12 hours, changing the water every 4 to maintain cleanliness.

Tamana - Nov 2013 005

Drying the coffee slowly is key to Tamana’s quality and longevity. Once fully washed the coffee is laid on exposed beds for 24 hours open-air drying before being moved to the drying houses where temperature is monitored and hopefully maintained between 20 and 30°C, using shade and side ventilation during the hottest time of day. The parchment rests ideally for 20 days, although up to 30 is taken during wet weather, and it is this extended period of drying that sees Tamana’s quality endure.

IMG_2822 IMG_3068

Of the 62 hectares available only 20 are currently producing coffee. Elias, however, has plans in motion to open up more land to coffee year on year and if he fulfills his target of farmed land he will have to build up to 10 more drying houses to cope with the quantities of cherry delivered by his pickers each day. It is still early days in the life of his farm but Elias is planning long-term and sees that the hard work now will pay off down the line. It is already evident that the steps in place today are improving quality although there is still a long way to go. Further infrastructure is needed but as Elias is committed, he will get what we all want; for the coffee to keep on improving at Tamana. 

Tamana - Nov 2013 006


Finca Tamana, Colombia -- £12.00/350g

Introducing: The La Marzocco Linea PB

After nearly three years of service in our Clerkenwell store, last night we removed our well-loved Synesso from the bar. Over the next few weeks we'll be trialling a new machine in our Clerkenwell store - the La Marzocco Linea PB - to evaluate the difference that a switch to volumetric water dosing means for improved bar flow, consistency and customer interaction.

Sincere thanks to the guys at La Marzocco UK for organising.
Linea PB Install 013 Linea PB Install 014 Linea PB Install 015 Linea PB Install 016 Linea PB Install 017Linea PB Install 011 Linea PB Install 018Linea PB Install 007Linea PB Install 003Linea PB Install 005Linea PB Install 002Linea PB Install 004Linea PB Install 006 Linea PB Install 008 Linea PB Install 009 Linea PB Install 010 Linea PB Install 012

November 26, 2013

Where To Drink It ›

Where to Drink It: General Store

General Store

With a diverse selection of seasonal fruit, vegetables and store cupboard essentials, every high street would be much improved by a grocer like General Store. Despite being a small local grocer it has been featured in international magazines for its emphasis on organic and British high quality foods. General Store also tries to concentrate on smaller and local London suppliers.

If you are lucky enough to be in the Peckham Rye then pop by for an Eccles cake and Cult of Done Espresso. Retail coffee is also available and can be ground to order for those of us not lucky enough to own a Porlex Hand Grinder. Also available are a selection of brewers, kettles, grinders and other coffee equipment. If you still haven’t decided on something special for your Christmas dinner or maybe a present for a worthy friend, General Store will definitely be able to fulfil your need.

- - - - - - - -

General Store

174 Bellenden Road, Peckham, SE15 4BW

0207 642 2129


Mon to Tues – Closed
Wed to Fri - 9am to 7pm
Sat – 10am to 5pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays – 10am to 4pm

November 25, 2013

Sourcing ›

Sourcing: Finca Tamana, Colombia

The next chapter in our continued relationship with Elias Roa and his farm, Finca Tamana, will be revealed tomorrow when we release the April - June harvest. Our Head of Production, Richard, is just back from two weeks in Colombia, visiting a number of producers, but spending a good amount of time at Finca Tamana, bringing back some incredible photographs.

Today is just a teaser; stay tuned for more.

Tamana - Nov 2013 001 Tamana - Nov 2013 002 Tamana - Nov 2013 003 Tamana - Nov 2013 004 Tamana - Nov 2013 005 Tamana - Nov 2013 006 Tamana - Nov 2013 007 Tamana - Nov 2013 008 Tamana - Nov 2013 009

November 08, 2013

Jobs ›

We're Hiring: A Barista for our Marylebone Coffeebar.



If you possess a keen eye for detail, an outgoing and cheerful demeanour, a desire to learn and develop, innate and genuine customer service skills, enthusiasm and initiative, and fastidious punctuality and presentation, and want to be a part of a team with a great future, then you should be getting in touch.

Where To Drink It: Rapha Cycle Club

Rapha x Workshop

We are pleased to announce that as of next week Rapha Cycle Club will be serving our Cult of Done Espresso as its house espresso. Situated in the heart of Soho, on the site of the old Regent Palace Hotel, Rapha’s flagship cycling club has become well known for showcasing quality coffee from a diverse range of international roasters since July 2012.

Regulars of Rapha will know that it’s regular race screenings and the offer of guided group rides has made it a hub for London’s vibrant cycling community. However, far from focusing solely on cycling, Rapha Cycle Club has become an important part of London’s coffee scene.

Alongside our Cult of Done Espresso, in coming weeks you will be able to try out a number of our single origin filters on Kalita, AeroPress and batch brew at Rapha Cycle Club.

- - - - - - - -

Rapha Cycle Club

85 Brewer Street, London W1F 9ZN

020 7494 9831


Mon to Fri – 7.30am to 9pm
Sat – 8.30am to 7pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays – 10am to 6.30pm

November 05, 2013

Espresso › Fresh Crops ›

Fresh Crops: Yukro Espresso, Ethiopia

And as surely as you've been enjoying our latest coffee -- Yukro, Ethiopia -- we're confident you're going to love its counterpart/rival; Yukro Espresso, Ethiopia.


It's a different beast entirely from the Hunkute that is currently comprising our Cult of Done Espresso; richer, rounder and warmer, with cocoa, dried fig and raisin sweetness, a decadent mouthfeel and a long, toffee-like finish.

Get involved.

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Yukro Espresso, Ethiopia - £9.00 / 350g

October 30, 2013

Fresh Crops ›

Fresh Crops: Yukro, Jimma, Western Ethiopia

As one coffee comes to an end in the frankly delicious Olke Bire another is added to the line up to fill the gap. Again an Ethiopian but this time from a completely different region producing a completely different style of coffee; this is Yukro from Jimma, Western Ethiopia.

Jimma is a region not renowned for producing clean, washed coffees as most grown there are low grade naturally processed coffees which fetch very low prices at market. Things are changing in the region however; work from Technoserve, an NGO that is helping to finance the creation of washing stations is seeing the region produce washed coffees of a much higher quality than before. This coupled with the dissemination of farming, processing and marketing knowledge is allowing farmers in the area to produce coffee rewarded with higher prices and compete in the same markets as their fellow countrymen and women in the well known Southern regions of Yirgacheffe and Sidamo.

Yukro offers up the gentle aromas of English hops and baking spices that leads into a plump
grape sweetness, a deep, resinous body, and a lengthy, clean finish, and has proved to be a coffee that compliments our other Ethiopian offerings very well.  It is only through investment that farmers and cooperatives from new regions will improve and we do hope that by purchasing this coffee, the 433 members of the Yukro Cooperative continue to develop it's washed production techniques, offering better coffee in seasons to come.




October 16, 2013

Ethiopia › Fresh Crops › Kenya ›

Fresh Crops: Kabingara AA and Cult of Done v. 14

We’re very pleased to introduce a couple of new coffee offerings to the range. First up, the Kabingara AA from Kiringaya, Kenya. This coffee was harvested in December 2012 and kept in parchment right up to being dry milled and then immediately vacuum-sealed into 15kg bricks for shipping. These efforts have enabled the coffee to maintain a fresh and lively character, with superb aromatics and real clarity of flavour.

You’ll experience some classic Kenyan traits like a winey, blackcurrant acidity and a full, juicy body. Also, there are some wonderful rose hip aromatics that really fill out the cup.

Next up we have v.14 of the beloved Cult of Done Espresso. As with the La Ilusion, which made up 100% of v.13, we felt this coffee benefited from remaining unblended. That’s right, the Hunkute from Sidamo, Ethiopia needs no helping hand in creating a full, rich, aromatic espresso. We’ve really enjoyed having the Hunkute as a filter option, and after hitting upon the right roast profile, we’ve fallen in love with it all over again.


As an espresso you can expect some real honeyed sweetness with incredible floral aromatics! This coffee is surprisingly forgiving, and tastes treacly and wonderfully textural in a tighter, punchier shot. It then becomes incredibly elegant, silky and balanced when pulled slightly longer. In milk you’ll experience flavours of apricot jam, producing a very decadent cappuccino.

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