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We’ve wanted to put together a comprehensive coffee brewing package for a while now, and for those who enjoy the clean taste of pour-over filter coffee, this is for you. 

    Hario in Japan make fantastic pour-over cones and over the years we've trialled many sizes and materials. The V60 2-cup plastic version is easily the best when it comes to brewing coffee at the right temperature as the brewer does not suck the heat out of your brewing water in the same way that glass or ceramic can do. Brewing a good drip coffee requires an element of skill, so we’ve also included a set of Salter Brewing Scales to allow you to hone in on your preferred strength by dosing the right amount of beans and adding the right amount of water to suit your taste.

    The Wilfa Grinder is easily the best electric grinder we’ve come across for filter brewing at home and we’ve written up a small piece here on getting the best results from it when using our own coffee beans. Slick, quiet and consistent, it will make a marked improvement to your coffee.

    We’ve also included a glass decanter from Kinto in Japan, providing the perfect receptacle to brew into.

    Find out more about brewing the best V60 coffee at home here.


  • Clear V60 2-Cup Dripper Set (including 40 filter papers)
  • Wilfa Grinder
  • Salter Brewing Scales
  • Kinto Decanter (600ml)
  • 1 x Bag of Filter Coffee
  • Brew Bundle: For Two

    Workshop Coffee

    For making larger batches to share. Includes a Wilfa electric coffee grinder, large V60 pourover cone & filter papers, a set of Salter scales, a Kinto glass decanter & a 250g bag of coffee beans.

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