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Our first foray into Cajamarca, in the north of Peru, we're excited to share with you this sweet and elegant coffee produced by Duber Vasquez and his family at Vista Alegre.

The Farm

Near the small town of Bomboca in the Colosay District of Jaén, northern Peru, lives Duber Vasquez, a first-generation coffee farmer, with his wife and three children. Their 2 hectare farm, Vista Alegre, is planted out across just 1.5 hectares with coffee, with predominantly Bourbon & Catuaí trees, as well as some Catimor varieties, which are kept separate during harvesting and processing. Situated at 1,900 metres the climate is really great for growing high quality coffee, and the family are also producing guava, plantain and other food crops.

The Region

Colosay itself has the potential to produce really fantastic cup profiles. Nordic Approach have been looking at Peru with more focus over the last three years or so, and this particular area is of interest as it is somewhat unexplored and there is great untapped potential. The farmers practice ‘Mingas’ which is a communal sharing of the labour at harvest time, so each coffee farming family will help each other out when it is time to collect the coffee cherries. Post-harvest protocols in the region are typically quite rustic, with a manual depulper and either a wooden or concrete tank to dry ferment in, or sometimes just bags. After washing, coffee is typically dried on tarps acting as makeshift patios. Despite the simplistic infrastructure the coffees can taste really complex and intriguing. It is by investing in communities that you can secure a consistent supply of good coffees, and without such investment there is less incentive for the farmers to invest in their own farms and infrastructure.

The Exporter

Origin Coffee Lab are the exporter responsible for the sourcing project in Colosay. They will earmark and select particularly characteristic and higher scoring lots to keep separate with full traceability as well as creating solid lots for roasters who like to buy blending components that are a little more simplistic. They are focussed on securing a living wage for their producers, and last year they paid out over $500,000 in premiums, meaning the price paid for the coffees was well in excess on not just the global C market price, but also well above the market rate for washed, organic Peruvian lots.

We hope to be able to visit Origin Coffee Lab soon and explore the northern profiles of Peru with more interest next year, but are very excited to have secured this rough diamond from Duber Vasquez as a starting block for what we feel could be a really interesting, long term project.


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Duber Vasquez

Bomboca, Colosay, Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru

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Apple compote, sweet sultanas & buttery pastry notes abound, reminding us of apple strudel. Expect a silky body with a pear freshness & butterscotch finish.

Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter

Type: Filter

Coffee Information

Producer Vista Alegre

Harvest July to August, 2020

Process Hand harvested, depulped & dry fermented 21hrs, fully washed & dried on patios for 15-20 days.

Variety Bourbon & Catuaí

Region Bomboca, Colosay, Jaén, Cajamarca

Country Peru

Altitude 1,900 metres

Arrival October, 2020


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