A relatively recent addition to our repertoire, having only bought coffee from Ecuador for the last three years, we visited the country in 2017 and again in early October last year to improve our understanding and more proactively source coffees. Even so, it still feels like a brand new origin for us, from which we’re continually learning and having our expectations and preconceptions reset. Spending time in both Quito in the north and Zumba in the south, we're finally beginning to get a feel for just how varied coffees from Ecuador can be regarding cup profile. 

We’ve lined up four coffees from the 2018 harvest to roast for filter coffee, two from the north and two from the south. Our hope is that by releasing them in pairs as a tasting pack we can better showcase Ecuador as a specialty coffee producing origin with the capacity to produce a range of diverse cup profiles.

Replacing our first Southern component from Luis Alfonso Abad in Zumba is a coffee from his cousin, Felipe Abad, paired up with coffee from Ramiro Granda in Pichincha in the North. To travel between the two closest towns by road you will almost double the distance as the crow flies, due to the sheer quantity of twists, turns and hairpin bends. A 16 hour drive through the country will connect you from Zumba to San Antonio in Pichincha, but you’d need to allocate a few hours of trekking either side to physically get from farm to farm.

Felipe grows both Caturra and Catimor coffee on his farm Finca El Aguacatillal, with the help of his wife Maria and their family. The Caturra selections are where he focusses more attention during harvesting, processing and drying, enabling him to receive a premium payment which has helped to fund the build of a new house at the farm. Ramiro Granda’s coffee farm, Finca Ingapamba, located in the unique microclimate found in San Antonio of Ecuador’s Pichincha region is entirely comprised of Typica Mejorado, a cross between Bourbon and Geisha, which has begun to be planted throughout Ecuador after being developed in a variety garden in Pichincha. We often find this variety to taste floral and citric, with a delicacy and aromatic profile comparable to washed Ethiopian coffees. This particular coffee has a lot of juicy tropical fruit as well as these more delicate citrus and floral tones.

We hope after tasting these two coffees that you agree with us, that there are delicious coffees being produced in Ecuador. Let us know which of the two is your favourite!

Ecuador: North/South Tasting Pack


Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter

Type: Filter

Taste two coffees from Ecuador, one from the countries north and another from the south, side by side.


Producer Luis Alfonso Abad & Ramiro Granda

Harvest June to August 2018

Process Both are traditionally fermented and fully washed coffees.

Variety Bourbon & Caturra from Luis and Typica Mejorado from Ramiro.

Region Zumba, Zamora-Chinchipe Region in the South & San Antonio, Pichincha in the North.

Country Ecuador

Altitude 1,600 - 1,700m

Arrival January, 2019


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