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Please enjoy this stunningly sweet & complex lot from Ferney Macías, grown in the Santa Rosa vereda of El Pital, Huila in Colombia.

The Producer

Ferney comes from very strong coffee background. His mother, Alicia Macías, runs a 33 hectare farm called Finca El Progreso, which neighbours Ferney’s own farm, La Ceja. It was inherited from his late father, Bernado Macías. His two younger brothers, Oscar and Nelson, help Ferney at his farm as well as at their mothers. La Ceja spans 5.5 hectares, with around 3 planted out with coffee. Ferney also defers praise to his wife and two young daughters, seeing coffee production as truly a family endeavour. 

Their Approach

Embracing technological advancements and guidance from his cooperative, Coocentral, as well as Colombia’s national federation of coffee growers and their offshoot, Cenicafe, Ferney is at the cutting edge of modern coffee production. They are using an Ecomil at La Ceja’s small beneficio to depulp the coffee in a manner which uses less water and allows for more controllable fermentation. He has won several awards for his coffee quality, including Cup of Excellence and the Huila Coffee Growers’ Fair, but is always respectful that coffee production involves many hands, saying "This award is in my name but it really is for my family.”

He is a trained cupper, tasting his own results as well as those of his neighbours and fellow members of the Coocentral co-operative, aiding completion of the feedback loop between what happens in the field, at the mill and ultimately in the cup. Not afraid of experimenting with coffee fermentation, he has trialled experiments including adding yeast and cocoa beans in the fermentation tank. This lot we are roasting is more traditionally produced but possesses a great depth, reminiscent of blackstrap molasses, restrained fermented notes, almond and loads of sweetness.

The Project & Exporter

It is through a project initiated by Nordic Approach and Coocentral that we have been able to buy Ferney’s coffee. At Coocentral lots are submitted by growers to be cupped and assessed on a quality basis to ensure premium payments are attained for higher scoring coffees. Ferney is on the board of directors for Coocentral, is one of many members who have actively increased their quality and production volumes thanks to the technical assistance from the coop. Of nearly 4,000 members just over 2,000 are actively delivering their fully dried, parchment coffee to Coocentral’s many purchasing stations located across various micro-regions (known as veredas) within Huila, including Gigante, Garzon, Suaza, El Pital, Agrado, Guadalupe, and Tarqui. 

As well as offering premium payments to their contributing members Coocentral support their growers in many other ways. They have contributed nearly $3,000,000 since 2005, including paying for members’ and their families’ university education, healthcare, insurance & pensions, building infrastructure on farms as well as housing, and secondary bonuses for farmers purchasing fertiliser through the group.

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Ferney Macías

Santa Rosa, El Pital, Huila, Colombia

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Ripe & playful, we’re tasting a deep, resonant sweetness like roasted pineapple & butterscotch. Syrupy fruit flavours of dates & mandarins linger in the finish.

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Category: Filter

Type: Filter

Coffee Information

Producer Ferney Macías at La Ceja

Harvest November, 2021

Process Cherries floated, eco-pulped & fermented before being fully washed & dried under parabolic shade.

Variety Caturra, Yellow Castillo & Colombia

Region Santa Rosa, El Pital, Huila

Country Colombia

Altitude 1,750 to 1,800 metres

Arrival April, 2022

More on Pre-Ground

From finest to coarsest, the filter grind settings we are offering are as follows:

  • Fairly Fine (1 Cup Pourover/AeroPress/SteepShot)
  • Fine-Medium (2 Cup Pourover/Clever Dripper)
  • Medium (French Press)
  • Coarse (Moccamaster/Autobrewer/Chemex)
  • Our pre-ground options are designed to map to a particular dose of coffee as much as the brewers mentioned. If you’re brewing just 15g in a 2 Cup V60 brew cone as it is the only cone you have, you should opt for the 1 Cup V60 grind size. Similarly, if you are just brewing 30g in a MoccaMaster, you should opt for a finer grind setting, like the 2 Cup V60.

    We would advise using these as starting points:
  • 12-18g: Fairly fine
  • 19-28g: Fine-medium
  • 29-55g: Medium
  • 56-80g: Coarse
  • Please note that pre-ground coffee will be delivered in a different bag to its whole bean counterpart. This is to ensure easy access when it comes to measuring our your dose. You will also find a ‘Ground on’ date on the bag in place of a ‘Roasted on’ date – we advise brewing your pre-ground coffee within 2 weeks of the ‘Ground on’ date.

    For more information on our approach to pre-ground coffee, visit our learn section here.


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