Just over an hour south of Ramiro Granda’s farm in San Antonio is the town of Lloa, also in Ecuador’s Pichincha region in the North of the country. Lloa is home to Jorge Bayardo Tapia and his wife Hilda Garcia. They have a 50 hectare farm, Finca Jesus del Gran Poder, of which 1 hectare is planted with Typica Mejorado variety coffee. They have a 10 year old son, Jorge, who loves helping out around the farm, and who is always asking questions about picking, processing and drying the coffee.

2017 was the first year that they produced any coffee whatsoever. Their 2018 harvest, that we have purchased and are roasting now, is of such a high quality that it is surprising to learn just how new they are as coffee producers. There are a handful of really exciting varieties being grown throughout Ecuador, which seem to be more concentrated and typical to the Northern provinces. We don’t often see Bourbon Sidra, Typica Mejorado and Tekisic outside of Ecuador, and they always create distinctive cup profiles.

Typica Mejorado always tends to produce a distinctly floral cup profile. Having already been working with coffee from Ramiro Granda this year we are learning how best to roast this variety, which can be quite tricky! Translating to ‘Improved Typica’ it may well be a misnomer. It has been planted widely after some of the workers at an experimental farm run by Nestlé in Pichincha smuggled out some seeds of a high-performing variety they believed to be from a Typica selection. After genetic testing on some leaf cuttings undertaken by World Coffee Research the genetics point to the variety is actually a cross between Bourbon and Geisha coffee trees.

Jorge and Hilda received their coffee seeds from a public organisation in Pichincha and planted them on a whim with no knowledge as to how to care for the trees or what to do when harvest time rolled around. The coffee is grown amongst Cedar and Alder trees. They reached out to Caravela, our exporting partner in Ecuador, who then visited the farm and gave agronomical advice as well as information about fermentation and drying techniques. Having seen what Jorge and Hilda are doing, some of their neighbours are now more inquisitive and learning that the region is capable of producing high quality coffees that can reach a premium in the market place. We feel privileged to be able to work with such great coffee, and hope you enjoy this final Ecuadorean filter release of 2019.

Jorge Bayardo Tapia

Lloa, Pichincha, Ecuador

Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter

Type: Filter

Cherry jam flavours are complemented by aromas of star anise, blackcurrant leaf & cherry blossom. This coffee is powerfully sweet, tart & concentrated.


Producer Jorge Bayardo Tapia at Finca Jesus del Gran Poder

Harvest August to September 2018

Process Depulped & dry fermented for 24hrs, fully washed, dried on raised beds.

Variety Typica Mejorado

Region Lloa, Pichincha

Country Ecuador

Altitude 1,350 - 1,400 metres

Arrival January, 2019


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