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Combining bourbon & caturra varieties from two producers in Huehuetenango, we find this lot to possess beautiful fruit whilst still being structured and clean. It is a testament to the farmers’ hard work as well as the help that Caravela’s PECA team bring to their producers.

The Producers

Aurora Josefina Villatoro is one of the farmers whose coffee contributed to this lot of La Conserva. Her farm, Santa Cecilia, in the La Libertad municipality of Huehuetangno is less than 2 hectares in size and her caturra and bourbon coffee trees are planted under Guachipilin and Cujes shade trees. After inheriting the farm, she slowly planted out small plots with these high-quality varieties and has taken on advice and training over the years to now be consistently producing specialty quality lots.  

The other farmer whose coffee has contributed to building out this lot is David Méndez, whose farm, El Naranjo, is managed by David and his son, also called David. They inherited their farm as well and have only been running things for the last 5 years, but are committed to farming coffee here for a long time, whilst being ecologically conscious with their practices.

The two David's coffee also grows under a wide variety of shade trees like Ingas and Chalum and they don’t fell any of the native forest. Rainwater is collected for irrigation and they are producing their own vermicompost using a wormery. Proud to be upholding the reputation that the region has for high quality coffee, they are self-confessed coffee lovers themselves.

Caravela & Their PECA Program

When we have spent time with Caravela in Guatemala. it is heartening to see their sincere dedication to improving producers’ livelihoods through dispensing valuable agronomical and economical advice. We witnessed them not only discussing farm practices, including approaches to pruning and shade management, but also when to apply different inputs and treat their coffee trees to ensure they are performing at optimal health.

Something we hadn’t seen before was their usage of a ‘Cerezometro’ or ‘cherry meter’, which is a square block with 100 indentations. It is used to assess the quality of picking, arranging 10 rows by 10 rows of coffee cherries from the least ripe to overripe, and they explain what each end of the spectrum might contribute to the cup. Less ripe cherries may introduce astringency whereas overripe cherries can impart alcoholic or even phenolic flavours.

Directly feeding back at the farm level will arm the producers with more information as to how to produce specialty quality lots, earning them a premium payment. On the back of the board, depulped parchment coffee is assessed to garner information as to how well the depulper is calibrated and see how far the fermentation has gone to ‘dial in’ the right processing approach for each farmer they are visiting with. 

The La Conserva marque is applied to coffees that Caravela have been developing with their producers, whereby extending the period of holding the cherry as well as practicing an extended submerged fermentation work to introduce a riper, more fruity profile.

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La Conserva

La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

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A complex sweetness like birch syrup & caramelised apple underpins a very fruity cup. Notes of blackcurrant jam & dried bilberries complement heady tonka in the finish.

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Category: Filter

Type: Filter

Coffee Information

Producer Aurora Villatoro & David Méndez

Harvest February, 2021

Process Held in cherry for 12hrs, depulped & wet fermented 15-30hrs, fully washed & dried on patio.

Variety Caturra & Bourbon

Region La Libertad, Huehuetenango

Country Guatemala

Altitude 1,500 to 1,800 metres

Arrival May, 2021

More on Pre-Ground

From finest to coarsest, the filter grind settings we are offering are as follows:

  • Fairly Fine (1 Cup Pourover/AeroPress/SteepShot)
  • Fine-Medium (2 Cup Pourover/Clever Dripper)
  • Medium (French Press)
  • Coarse (Moccamaster/Autobrewer/Chemex)
  • Our pre-ground options are designed to map to a particular dose of coffee as much as the brewers mentioned. If you’re brewing just 15g in a 2 Cup V60 brew cone as it is the only cone you have, you should opt for the 1 Cup V60 grind size. Similarly, if you are just brewing 30g in a MoccaMaster, you should opt for a finer grind setting, like the 2 Cup V60.

    We would advise using these as starting points:
  • 12-18g: Fairly fine
  • 19-28g: Fine-medium
  • 29-55g: Medium
  • 56-80g: Coarse
  • Please note that pre-ground coffee will be delivered in a different bag to its whole bean counterpart. This is to ensure easy access when it comes to measuring our your dose. You will also find a ‘Ground on’ date on the bag in place of a ‘Roasted on’ date – we advise brewing your pre-ground coffee within 2 weeks of the ‘Ground on’ date.

    For more information on our approach to pre-ground coffee, visit our learn section here.


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