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The first of two delicious Colombian community coffees we have sourced for espresso roasting, with thanks to Caravela Coffee. Please enjoy this AA iteration of La Pirámide, composed of outturns from 23 producers in the Cauca region.

The Farmers & Their Approach

This particular iteration of ‘La Piramide’, the name that Caravela gives to lots blended from producers growing coffee in Inzá, Cauca, is an AA selection, meaning all the lots going into the 25 x 70kg sacks available met strict quality criteria before being consolidated. The contribution from some farmers is just a handful of kilos, whereas some make up around 15% of the total lot. 

The 23 farmers whose coffee has been blended here are predominantly growing Caturra, with a little Typica as well. Nearly half of the coffee trees are grown under shade, a mixture of walnut trees, Guamo (ice cream bean) trees and a native tree known as Cachimbo. They are growing their coffee at altitudes of between 1,700 and 2,000 metres in Cauca’s Inzá municipality, which runs along the border to Huila department, and no farm is larger than 2 hectares.

Coffee production in Colombia in 2022 has been troublesome and expensive, with less impetus for producers to undertake the special preparations that specialty quality coffee requires. This is in part due to a large increase in their own costs of production, as well as the market price for commodity coffee increasing. Thankfully due to a long-term, trusting relationship between Caravela and their producing partners we have still been able to purchase high quality coffees, albeit at a much higher price than in previous years. When we first tasted this sample of La Pirámide on the cupping table it displayed a honeyed sweetness, lots of green apple, white grape and lemon curd, with purple fruits showing more on cooling, all pointing towards a lot with promise to evolve and open up beautifully over time. 

The Exporter

Typically, Caravela operate an 80/20 model, working with a vast majority of smallholders and a minority of farmers with large coffee estates. In their 2021 impact report 87% of their producing partners had farms of less than 5 hectares in size. More than half of the producers they worked with were visited by their PECA team, and in Colombia alone they are working with 1,746 producers across 52 communities. 

As regards their PECA program, they have said the below:

“Coffee growers are the heart of our business model, without them we could not maintain and sustain this value chain. They are responsible for producing the best coffees that delight us every day. The Coffee Growers Education Program (PECA) has developed a symbiotic relationship between coffee growers and Caravela since we’re always learning from each other. For many years, we have accumulated experiences throughout experimentation and work that provides tools to empower and educates coffee growers, resulting in consistent high-quality coffees.” 

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La Pirámide Espresso

Inzá, Cauca, Colombia

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Jammy & decadent. Rounded flavours of blackberry, vanilla & toasted coconut complement a fudgey mouthfeel, with a persistent cocoa finish.

Collections: All Products, Coffee

Category: Espresso

Type: Espresso

Coffee Information

Producer 23 farmers in Inzá

Harvest June to July, 2022

Process Hand harvested, traditionally depulped & fermented, fully washed, dried on covered patios & raised beds.

Variety Caturra & Typica

Region Inzá, Cauca

Country Colombia

Altitude 1,700 to 2,000 metres

Arrival August, 2022


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  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean espresso coffee
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