Our interest in Peru as an origin producing specialty coffee, rather than just certified co-operative blends, was piqued after a cupping at Caravela in 2017, which featured lots from Peru’s first national Cup of Excellence competition.

We began to cup more samples from various regions across the country, tasting really clean and solid lots from around Cusco, which we pursued for espresso roasting. We also found some really delicious, floral and expressive coffees from the north around Jaén, which has become an area where more exporters are focussing their efforts.  

Since taking our first trip last year, we have cast the net even wider, tasting more samples from our trusted partners, Promoting Peru, Caravela and also Nordic Approach, for whom the origin is proving exciting and popular with their customers. In 2018, during a trip to Brazil we cupped our way through an off-the-cuff table featuring the first slew of coffee samples that had piqued Morten Wennersgaard’s interest in Peru. Nordic Approach place enormous emphasis on traceability, fair pricing and sustainability, all of which have been lacking in Peruvian coffees previously available on the market. As well as being supremely delicious, we’re thrilled to be roasting our first ever Peruvian coffee from Nordic Approach, hailing from Jaén: Las Quebradas. 

The group of farmers who combine their coffee to produce Las Quebradas are called El Diamante. A typical member tends to coffee on farms of between 1 and 3 hectares, at altitudes of 1,700 to 1,900 metres around Vista Alegre. They carry an organic certification, which for some buyers is sufficient criteria to pursue a particular coffee, but they are able to achieve more sustainable prices for their coffees due to meeting higher demands for quality. This is only achievable through hard work and investment in tending to their crops, their pre-and post-harvesting protocols and ultimately the drying of the coffee. During the harvest time, collecting ripe coffee cherries is a communal effort, with farmers helping their neighbours in return for the same help on their own farms. Given the small size of an individual farmer’s production, coffees are typically processed and dried at the farm level and then cupped, graded and bulked to ensure quality is maintained rather than lost when great coffees get blended in with an average or commodity product. 

On first cupping this coffee, we noted down raspberry, lemon and floral notes, typifying a delicacy and clarity that we didn’t think possible in coffees from Peru. We’re thrilled to see more interest being taken in procuring traceable, high quality coffees in a country historically associated with blanket certifications, low prices and opaque information on a coffee’s provenance and we hope you enjoy our secondfilter release from it.

Las Quebradas

Vista Alegre, Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru

Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter

Type: Filter

Super sweet & structured, look for a fresh lime acidity & notes of plum jam. Fig & caramel flavours round out the body & finish.


Producer Members of the El Diamante Group

Harvest July to September, 2019

Process Organically produced, cherries depulped & fermented, fully washed, dried on beds & patios.

Variety Caturra, Pache, Typica & Bourbon

Region Vista Alegre, Jaén, Cajamarca

Country Peru

Altitude 1,700 - 1,900 metres

Arrival December, 2019


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