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Together with Galway-based Calendar Coffee, we're proud to co-present our Tapia Twin Pack for a second year. Showcasing the coffees of brother and sister Jorge and Carmen Tapia, the results are an example of friendship, kinship & the power of relationships regardless of distance.

Workshop and Calendar, Calendar and Workshop, two coffee roasters separated by 402 miles and the Irish Sea, linked by friendship, hard work and a shared love of delicious coffee. With Workshop Coffee roasting in Bethnal Green, London, alumni Dan Boobier and Zarah Lawless at Calendar Coffee have been roasting in Galway, Ireland, since 2018. 

Toghether, we’re proud to co-present the coffees of brother and sister, Jorge and Carmen Tapia, from Lloa, Pichincha, Ecuador, for the second year in a row.  

Having bought Jorge's coffee every year since his 2018 harvest, Workshop was so enamoured, we visited him and his family, to witness coffee production at Finca Jesus del Gran Poder first-hand. This also allowed us to meet another local producer, Jorge's sister Carmen. Two of just three remaining coffee producers in the area, Jorge and his sister Carmen were gracious and hospitable, allowing us to witness the care with which they tend to their Typica Mejorado trees. The results are here to taste. Unable to travel in 2020 has meant that we have each relied entirely on Caravela Coffee to secure these lots once again, and both Workshop and Calendar are very thankful for their hard work and efforts during an especially strange year.  

The relationship between Workshop Coffee and Calendar Coffee will always be special. We're also beginning to forge an alliance with the Tapias in Ecuador, and with this twin pack of coffee from Jorge & Carmen we intend to exemplify both friendship and kinship regardless of the distances involved. 

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Tapia Twin Pack


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Together with Galway-based roastery Calendar Coffee, we're proud to present coffees from brother and sister Jorge and Carmen Tapia side by side.

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Region Lloa, Pichincha

Country Ecuador

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  • All our coffee is packed in 250g, foil-lined and valved bags
  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee
  • All orders are packed and shipped each working day
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