It has been a few years since we last roasted coffee from Colombia’s Antioquia region. We’re currently grappling with the challenge of roasting two new coffees from the same city in Antioquia, Ciudad Bolívar, from two producers who are part of their local Coffee Growers Association, a group of six farms dedicated to producing high quality coffee through environmentally sustainable practices. Typically, Antioquia is thought of as a region producing quite basic, chocolate driven coffees without particularly unique or fruity profiles. Both our two new coffees from Villa Clabelina and El Encanto prove that Antioquia is home to some coffees with spectacularly lively, sweet and expressive profiles!

Finca Villa Clabelina is a fairly sizeable coffee farm, ranging from an altitude of 1,510 to 1,800m and spread over 22 hectares. It was first planted with coffee around 50 years ago. In recent years through the brothers’ work with the Coffee Growers Association, in particular with Juan Saldarriaga, they are shifting their focus more toward producing high quality, specialty coffees. The farm is located in Ciudad Bolívar in Colombia’s Antioquia region, and is planted with a 105,000 strong mixture of Caturra and Variedad Colombia coffee trees.

The farm is owned and managed by two brothers: Armando Hernán Prieto Soto and Eugenio Prieto Soto, who are dedicated to continuing their family tradition of cultivating crops in south western Antioquia. They’re working closely with Juan Saldarriaga, the producer behind El Encanto, another Colombian filter coffee we’re roasting this season, to improve their post-harvest protocols, including processing and drying practices. They’ve built a new structure that enables them to dry their coffee in a more controlled and slowed down manner, which helps to increase consistency, reliability and shelf life of their coffees. As well as producing washed coffees they’re experimenting with honey processing and naturals, to diversify their offering.  

The brothers say that “coffee is an experience, a feeling” and we definitely agree. Drinking a cup of coffee with clear and clean flavours can transport you to the place it is from, and Villa Clabelina is packed with notes of tropical flowers and fruit, with a very distinct brightness and a wonderfully clean sweetness.

Villa Clabelina

Los Monos, Bolívar, Antioquia, Colombia

Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter

Type: Filter

A tropical cocktail of watermelon, lime, pineapple and hibiscus. Expect a mouth-watering, juicy and clean cup with fresh, herbal tones in the finish.


Producer Prieto Soto Brothers

Harvest November, 2018

Process Selectively picked, eco-pulped & wet fermented 24-48hrs, fully washed and slowly dried.

Variety Variedad Colombia

Region Los Monos, Bolívar, Antioquia

Country Colombia

Altitude 1,510 - 1,800 metres

Arrival March, 2019


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