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As much as we enjoy making cups of filter coffee manually, there are times when having lots of coffee available for minimal effort is incredibly appealing. There will be a point when things become too easy and the coffee suffers, but we’ve researched lots of different grinders and brewers to compile a package that can produce high quality brewed coffee with ease.

The MoccaMaster marries ergonomics, aesthetics, extraction quality and consistency with value for money, and we’re really pleased to be able to offer this counter-top brewer, confident that when switching from manual coffee brewing to automatic you won’t be disappointed with the quality of your coffee.

Grinding on demand is the biggest single improvement you can make to your home brewing routine. The Wilfa Grinder helps ensure absolute freshness, maximising the aroma, taste and flavour of your cup of coffee and are few better places to start than with the Wilfa Grinder. 

To make sure you get the correct brew ratio a set of Gram Scales, accurate to 0.1g, completes the package.

With the option of brewing up to 1.25 litres of coffee at a time, our FOR MORE brew bundle is ideal for homes, offices or those that have a thirst for excellent coffee.

Find out more about how to brew delicious coffee at home with the MoccaMaster with our home brewing guide.


  • Moccamaster Autobrewer
  • Wilfa Grinder
  • Gram Scales
  • Filtropa Size 4 Filter Papers
  • 1 x 250g Bag of Filter Coffee

    Brew Bundle: For More

    Workshop Coffee

    Delicious batches of brewed coffee at the touch of a (few) buttons. Includes a Wilfa electric coffee grinder, Technivorm MoccaMaster automatic coffee brewer, a set of accurate weighing scales and a 250g bag of coffee beans.

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