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Made in Sheffield by W.Wright Silverware, these cupping spoons are the perfect gift for the coffee enthusiast, be it yourself or a loved one.

An essential tool of the trade, a cupping spoon helps make every coffee purchasing decision at Workshop Coffee, and these spoons made by W.Wright are the industry standard seen in cupping labs the world over.

Coming in two sizes, most cuppers form a preference early on. Do they want the slim, lightweight spoon or the heavyweight version with the bigger bowl? At Workshop Coffee we generally see an equal split with our staff between the two types. What would your choice be?

  • 18/10 Stainless steel.
  • WORKSHOP engraved on both handles.
  • The small spoon has our SOURCE ROAST BREW roundel engraved in the bowl - 32g.
  • The large spoon has the Workshop ‘W’ engraved in the bowl - 60g.

To cup as we do, the Workshop Coffee Cupping Pack provides all you need to cup a selection of coffees quickly and uniformly.

Cupping Spoon

W.Wright Silverware

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Workshop Coffee x W.Wright Cupping Spoon

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