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The AeroPress is a simple, versatile brewer we love:

• Consistent results: As with any method where the coffee grounds are steeped in hot water it’s almost effortless to get an even extraction.

• Clean: Filter papers remove any potential sediment from the cup that a metal mesh filter would allow through.

• Round: The pressure from the plunging action creates a cup with more texture and a rounder mouthfeel than dripper methods.

• Easy: You can make brewing with the AeroPress as easy or as hard as you like. Pick one up today and if you get really into it and want to nerd out then come along to the next national AeroPress competition to see how the coffee pros modify their brewing methods.

The Porlex Hand Grinder is also a firm favourite of ours for those wanting to improve their coffee brewing by grinding fresh for each cup, but without the counter space or budget to opt for an electric grinder. With a set of ceramic burrs and a simple mechanism to adjust the grind, you’ll be able to tweak your grind size with ease to get the best results for every type of coffee you want to brew.

The Porlex Hand Grinder is perfect for those wanting to grind fresh for each cup, but without the counter space or budget to accommodate our Wilfa grinder. 

After a subtle re-designing the grinder feels even sturdier in your hands. By adapting the connector between the dosing chamber and the handle it is now easier than ever to race your kettle as you grind for your morning cup. A set of quality controlled ceramic burrs create an even grind, enabling you to brew a delicious cup.

A serendipitous coincidence has meant the Porlex grinder slips perfectly into the plunger section of the AeroPress, and so the two take up barely any space in your backpack when you want good coffee whilst travelling.

You can find our AeroPress brew guide here.


• AeroPress (including stirrer and filter papers)

• Porlex Hand Grinder

• 1 x 250g Filter Coffee

Brew Bundle: For One

Workshop Coffee

Perfect at home, in the office or out on the road. Includes an AeroPress coffee maker, Porlex hand-grinder and a 250g bag of coffee beans.

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