It's been a short while since we last produced a collaborative coffee and chocolate bar with our friends and long-time collaborators, Pump Street Chocolate. Its welcome return sees the filter roast of Workshop Coffee stalwart Hunkute making up the coffee component. This is combined with cacao sourced from Kerta Semaya Samaniya Cooperative in West Bali to create a chocolate that's decadent and rich. The comforting combination of coffee and chocolate is lifted by the addition of the filter lot, as its aromatic fruit notes bring an unexpected and wholly enjoyable brightness to each bite.

The Coffee

Around 1,900 smallhold coffee farmers are the ones tending to the coffee trees from which the fruit is collected that comprises the lots of coffee processed at the Hunkute washing station. Working organically, they are growing Sedancho as well as Native Typica Hybrid varieties. It is our 8th year roasting coffee from Hunkute washing station.  

The Chocolate

Kerta Semaya Samaniya Cooperative is a progressive network of small farms that is built on the pillars of responsible agricultural practices and gender equality. Their outstanding cacao is delightfully rich, with notes of brown sugar and prune

More on Pump Street Chocolate

Based on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast, Pump Street is an award-winning bakery and chocolate make in the village of Orford. Importing their cacao beans from high quality single estates and co-operatives around the world, they are committed to producing some of the UK’s and the world’s finest chocolate.

Coffee + Chocolate Bar

Workshop Coffee

Our latest collaboration with Pump Street Chocolate, expect a rich & decadent chocolate, lifted by floral & stone fruit flavours from the inclusion of Ethiopian filter coffee.

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