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A chance to taste our Nyarusiza and Morundo filter coffees side by side.

Both Red Bourbon varieties and both having undergone the same processing method, being fully washed and dried on raised beds, Nyarusiza and Morundo are both classically Rwandan, but markedly different from one another. 

Also known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, this tasting pack offers two shining examples of how clean and sweet Rwandan coffees can be and demonstrates why we return to the country on our travels year after year.

1000 Hills Tasting Pack

Western Province, Rwanda

Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter

Type: Filter

A chance to taste both Rwandan filters, Nyarusiza and Morundo, side by side.


Producer Buf Cafe & Kivu Belt Group

Harvest May, 2016

Process Fully Washed & Dried on Raised Beds

Variety Red Bourbon

Region Western Province

Country Rwanda

Altitude 1,550 - 1,750 metres

Arrival January, 2017


  • All our coffee is packed in 250g, foil-lined and valved bags
  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee
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