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One of two lots from Nariño that we've secured for filter roasting this season, this lot of Castillo produced by Amparo Maya Guerrero is a testament to the hard work and experience she is bringing to producing really special, fragrant and complex coffees in a sensitive manner.

The Farmer and Co-operative

Amparo Maya Guerrero’s 10-hectare farm, Finca Las Mangas Vereda El Convento, is found in the country’s Nariño region, specifically the small town of Chachagüí near Pasto, on the north-easterly slopes of Volcán Galeras. Amidst her Caturra and Castillo coffee trees she is growing other crops, such as avocadoes and citrus, which provide shade but also increase biodiversity and are beneficial for wildlife. The rivers are bordered with bamboo planted as a natural barrier.

She has been growing coffee for the past 35 years and her attitude is that everything begins with the earth. If you take good care of the earth everything else will follow.

Amparo is one of around 1,500 members of the Café Occidente Co-operative, who operate a premium program to ensure higher scoring lots are rewarded with appropriately high prices. Founded in 1977 with an initial 50 members this number has grown over the years as the co-operative has expanded to more municipalities and regions and has enabled some of its producers to place highly and even win the Colombian Cup of Excellence competition several times since 2005, including Amparo.  

Their Approach

Amparo’s goal is to expand her farm, continue planting coffee and most importantly establish a more sustainable livelihood for herself and her workers.

Broken down coffee pulp is added as fertiliser as well as a measured application of chemical fertiliser twice during the growing season. Thankfully as the farm as at such a high elevation there is no need to apply fungicides or insecticides as the prevalence of Broca (the coffee borer beetle) and Roya (coffee leaf rust) are so low.

Harvesting between August and September the crop is manually selected before being depulped and processed in a manner typical to the region by dry fermenting and washing. Once processing is complete the coffee is dried on raised beds in a polytunnel.

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Amparo Maya Guerrero

Chachagüí, Pasto, Nariño, Colombia

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Crisp & effervescent, flavours of sparkling pink lemonade & elderflower drive a clean cup. Raspberry & caramel notes lead to an elegant, composed finish.

Collections: Coffee

Category: Filter

Type: Filter

Coffee Information

Producer Finca Las Mangas Vereda El Convento

Harvest August to September, 2020

Process Depulped & fermented in plastic tubs, fully washed & dried on raised beds in a polytunnel.

Variety Castillo

Region Chachagüí, Pasto, Nariño

Country Colombia

Altitude 1,900 - 2,100 metres

Arrival January, 2021


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