Over the years, we have released coffees that have been decaffeinated by either a water process or using liquid CO2, mainly in either Mexico or Germany, regardless of where the coffee was grown. For our latest several releases we have opted instead for sugar cane processed decaf, a process that can be performed in Colombia, where this coffee is from. Not only does this mean less miles travelled by the coffee on it’s journey to us, it also adds value at ground level back to the Colombian economy.

The Sugar Cane Decaffeination Process uses a locally made product, Ethyl Acetate, a naturally occurring solvent produced from sugar cane also grown in the country. Renowned for being a less intrusive procedure, it helps maintain the structural integrity of the beans and therefore the flavours of the original coffee.

Chosen by Cafe Imports with the help of Banexport in Colombia, this particular coffee was selected before being sent for decaffeination and it shows. Comprising the work of three producers from the Caldono municipality, located in the Cauca region of Colombia, Jesús Arial Paz, Rodolfo Muñoz, and Luis Enrique Tunubala farm a combination of Castillo and Caturra varieties on their farms, La Maracuya, La Herradura, and La Esperanza respectively. This selection is entirely comprised of Castillo. The coffee cherry is picked ripe and pulped the same day at the farm followed by a 16-18 hour fermentation, then washed three times before spending 9 days in parabolic driers; a raised, covered drying space typical to Colombia.

We hope you enjoy this decaffeinated option as much as we do.

Caldono Decaffeinated Espresso

Cauca, Colombia

Collections: Coffee

Category: Decaffeinated Espresso

Type: Espresso

Caramel and cooked apple flavours complement a chocolatey espresso, which works will black and in milk drinks.


Producer 3 producers in the Caldono municipality

Harvest May to July 2017

Process 16-18hr fermentation, washed and E.A. sugar cane decaffeinated.

Variety Castillo

Region Cauca

Country Colombia

Altitude 1,650 - 1,820m

Arrival February 2018

Brew Recipe

Rest Time Best after 7 days of resting.

Dose Weight 18g

Yield 37g

Temperature 93.5C

Extraction Time 30 - 35 seconds


  • All our coffee is packed in 250g, foil-lined and valved bags
  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee
  • All orders are roasted, packed and shipped each Thursday
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