Inside Workshop


Thursday 6th April, 2017. 6:30 p.m.
Workshop Coffee Clerkenwell, 27 Clerkenwell Rd., London. EC1M 5RN.

We’ve been collaborating with Bermondsey-based brewery, Brew By Numbers, for coming up to a year now, our seasonal coffee contributing to their delicious Coffee Porter.

The closer we’ve worked with them, the more we’ve noticed the parallels in not only our industries, but also our approach and ethos we want to share that with you.

Over the course of an evening, we’ll be working together with the team at BBNo. to bring you the chance to learn about how different roasting and brewing styles and approaches yield different flavour results.

Along with a greater appreciation for the impact the roasting and brewing processes have on the final caffeinated or alcoholic beverage and the opportunity to sample a number of brews side by side, participants will also take home a bag of freshly roasted coffee and bottle of beer to enjoy.

Coffee + Beer Tasting

Workshop Coffee

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Showcasing our current coffee range and a selection of beers from Brew By Numbers' current line-up.