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For this espresso, we're combining lots from two relationship coffees to create a smooth, satisfying espresso with integrated fruit notes of warm berries. 

We are excited to be offering a blend that fulfils a multitude of briefs. Providing a year-round constant within our filter coffee range, it not only delivers a sweet and comforting cup, it also enables us to support our core buying relationships through increased purchasing volumes. Our José & Negusse blend brings together organic coffees from two diverse origins: Peru & Ethiopia.  

The Valle Inca Association, Peru

The Valle Inca Association is a group of producers based in Cusco, Peru, headed up by the young and enthusiastic José Prudencio. In 2018, our first year buying coffee through Valle Inca, the group had around 100 members. Thanks to word of mouth, with producers telling their neighbours of the premium prices that they were able to receive having been able to access a more discerning coffee market through the association, the group now works with 261 producers around the Cusco region, as well as expanding to Puno in recent years.

All the members are working organically and are certified as such via the Valle Inca group. For a member to join, there needs to be a baseline of quality met, dictated in part by altitude and the type of varieties planted, but ultimately it is down to the desire of each member to improve their quality through hard work. The group provide agronomical advice and training as well as pre-financing, so the farmer members are supported in multiple ways. Several of their members reliably place well in Peru’s Cup of Excellence competition. 

Snap Coffee, Ethiopia

Snap Coffee was established in 2008 by Negusse Debela Weldyes and the group are responsible for the running and operation of several coffee washing stations which feature in our coffee range each year. Abenezer Asfaw oversees logistics and supply chain mapping, and is the liaison for Tropiq, which is Nordic Approach’s sister company with a team on the ground in Ethiopia year-round. Abenezer and his team oversee the processing facilities but also take on the task of dispensing agricultural knowledge to their contributing farmers. Steps such as tiling fermentation tanks to enable better cleaning, as well as implementing strict drying protocols, have gone long ways to improving the clarity, cleanliness and longevity of the coffees’ characteristics.

They are committed to recycling waste by-products from coffee processing at each of their stations where they have also built schools and provided them with computing equipment from the other arm of their business which is in electronics. They intend to improve the roads to streamline access to the washing stations as well as build health clinics to provide access to better healthcare for their contributing farmers as well. Lots from the most recent harvest have been dry milled at Snap’s own processing and warehousing facility. This has afforded the group even more control over the final exportable product that we get to work with, leading to improved consistency and uniformity. 

Our Approach

Developing this blend has been driven through the desire to support these producer groups through paying premium prices for larger volumes and more lots of coffee. The flavours are very complementary, and we have been honing our roasting approach to ensure the resulting espresso roast is harmonious and balanced.

You can read more on the process we've moved through to create our house blend concept here. 

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José & Negusse Espresso Blend

Peru & Ethiopia

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Warm baking spices & dark chocolate abound in this decadent espresso. Look for notes of toffee & jammy forest fruits.

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Category: Espresso

Type: Espresso

Coffee Information

Producer Valle Inca Association & Snap Coffee

Harvest N/A

Process Organically grown, hand harvested, fully washed & dried on raised beds.

Variety Mixed

Region Various

Country Peru & Ethiopia

Altitude 1,650 to 2,300 metres

Arrival N/A


  • All our coffee is packed in 250g, nitrogen flushed and valved bags
  • Available as whole bean or pre-ground
  • All orders are packed and shipped each working day
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