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It is our tenth year working with Primavera coffee importers, and we’re pleased to begin roasting this year’s Guatemalan selections with Juan Javier’s beautiful Caturra from Finca La Rosa.

The Farm

A small river runs through Juan Javier’s family farm close to which flowers grow in abundance, hence naming the farm after their beautiful roses. For the last 32 years Juan Javier and his family have been tending to both Bourbon and Caturra variety coffee on Finca La Rosa, which they keep separate during harvest and processing. Spanning 3.5 hectares, the farm is dotted with gravliea and citrus trees, offering shade and a secondary crop respectively.

Their Approach

They do three passes through the trees when the time to harvest the cherries arrives, rather than collect everything in one fell swoop. Being labour-intensive, it costs more, however, it means they can be more selective in picking just ripe coffee cherries. To refine the quality further, they undertake the extra stage of floating the cherries to skim off any floating, unripe fruit that was picked in error. 

In our experience, it’s unusual for small producers in Huehuetenango to ferment their coffee under water; the sugary mucilage is typically left to ferment in tanks open to the atmosphere. Juan Javier, however, submerges his depulped coffee in water for 30 hours to ferment slowly and in a much more controlled manner. This style of fermentation is working wonders in Juan Javier’s particular microclimate, and his varieties seem to be responding well. As in years past we’re finding the coffee to taste sweet and vibrant, with complex, layered and impeccably clean flavours.  

Juan Javier himself has said the following regarding his family farm: 

“Our lands and climate have gifted us with great results, but we always make sure to respect the land and nature in order to maintain a balance, therefore we try to be as organic as possible.” 

The Exporter

Primavera are one of our longest standing exporting partners, who have in recent years invested in a brand-new dry mill. Installing solar panels and being kitted out with Pinhalense grading and milling machines, they have also installed a digital colour sorter to further refine the quality of the lots they’re buying and exporting. As well as taking care of the quality analysis, dry milling and export logistics, Primavera have a boots-on-the-ground approach, sending their team of agronomists to visit their producers throughout the year with the intention of supporting them with both harvest yield quantity and quality.

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La Rosa

Unión Cantinil, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

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Bright & refreshing. A racy acidity reminds us of pink lemonade & lingonberries, with heady aromas of vanilla & eucalyptus evolving as the cup cools.

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Category: Filter

Type: Filter

Coffee Information

Producer Juan Javier Cano Tello at Finca La Rosa

Harvest February, 2022

Process Selectively picked, depulped and fermented under water for 30hrs, fully washed & dried on patio.

Variety Caturra

Region Unión Cantinil, Huehuetenango

Country Guatemala

Altitude 1,700 metres

Arrival May, 2022

More on Pre-Ground

From finest to coarsest, the filter grind settings we are offering are as follows:

  • Fairly Fine (1 Cup Pourover/AeroPress/SteepShot)
  • Fine-Medium (2 Cup Pourover/Clever Dripper)
  • Medium (French Press)
  • Coarse (Moccamaster/Autobrewer/Chemex)
  • Our pre-ground options are designed to map to a particular dose of coffee as much as the brewers mentioned. If you’re brewing just 15g in a 2 Cup V60 brew cone as it is the only cone you have, you should opt for the 1 Cup V60 grind size. Similarly, if you are just brewing 30g in a MoccaMaster, you should opt for a finer grind setting, like the 2 Cup V60.

    We would advise using these as starting points:
  • 12-18g: Fairly fine
  • 19-28g: Fine-medium
  • 29-55g: Medium
  • 56-80g: Coarse
  • Please note that pre-ground coffee will be delivered in a different bag to its whole bean counterpart. This is to ensure easy access when it comes to measuring our your dose. You will also find a ‘Ground on’ date on the bag in place of a ‘Roasted on’ date – we advise brewing your pre-ground coffee within 2 weeks of the ‘Ground on’ date.

    For more information on our approach to pre-ground coffee, visit our learn section here.


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