Timemore Chestnut X Hand Grinder

Timemore Chestnut X Hand Grinder


A patented stainless steel burr set and adjustment dials – plural – that offer up to 120 adjustment settings make Timemore’s premium hand grinder an exercise in precision, whether you’re grinding for filter brewing or espresso.

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  • 42mm spike-to-cut burr set.
  • 120 grind adjustment points.
  • Capable of grinding for espresso & filter.

Product information

Established in 2012, Timemore specialise in meticulously designed and manufactured manual coffee equipment. Building on the strong foundations of their Chestnut C2 and Slim Plus Hand Grinders, Timemore’s Chestnut X is their premium hand grinder, offering the best features of its predecessors coupled with precision- and performance-engineered design and technology.

Constructed from a combination of steel and aluminium, the square, ergonomic body of the grinder is made from one single piece of aluminium, whilst the internal body and burr set are constructed from a sturdy stainless steel.

And it’s the burr set that truly separates the Chestnut X from its counterparts. Its patented Spike to Cut (S2C) conical burrs are spiked at the top of the burr set and designed to break down beans to a uniform size before being fed through to the cutting portion, where they’re ground down to the appropriate size. The aim of this engineering feat is to help create a more even particle distribution, making for more consistently extracted cups of coffee.

This burr set works alongside adjustable dials – plural. Unlike most hand grinders, the Chestnut X has two adjustment dials, which combine to offer up 120 adjustment points. An outer ring offers the 24 adjustable settings, spanning from espresso fine to french press coarse. However, a second, inner ring provides each of the main 24 adjustments with an additional five micro adjustments, creating a hyper-focused dialling in process regardless of whether you’re grinding for filter or espresso.

Additional thoughtful features include a collapsable handle making it that bit easier to pack and transport. This also holds an attached bump stop to protect the metal handle rubbing against and marking the finish of the grinder’s body. An included carry case and cleaning brush also make care, maintenance and transportation that bit easier.

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Aluminium body Patented high hardness SUS440 high carbon stainless steel Spike to Cut (S2C) 42mm burr set. Dual ball bearing ensuring a smooth, stable grinding experience. A collapsable handle, complete with bump stop. Max. Capacity: 30g Width: 55mm Height: 160mm Weight: 675g Includes a grinder brush and travel bag.