Available in the UK for the first time, the WSCG-2 grinder is capable of holding up to 250g in its hopper. With a timer that allows for grinding of the correct amount at the push of a button, a small footprint, quiet motor and incredibly easy to adjust grind settings, brewing AeroPress, V60 or French Press at home just got a lot easier, not to mention tastier.

Now available pre-fitted with a UK plug adapter, the Wilfa WSCG-2 is ready to improve your home-brewed coffee straight out of the box.

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Wilfa Grinder


Collections: Hardware

Category: Grinders

Type: Grinders

The Wilfa WSCG-2 Coffee Grinder - the perfect way to grind fresh for home filter brewing.


Height 28 cm

Width 17 cm

Depth 13 cm

Power 160W

Weight 1.99 kg


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