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Before we'd even finished our first coffee + chocolate bar in collaboration with Pump Street Chocolate earlier this year, we'd started to plan our next. 

Wanting to create something a little more challenging and unusual, but equally delicious, we earmarked a portion of our Hunkute lot, produced by around 1,900 smallholder farmers in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia and began producing and tasting test batches.

A departure from the richer, rounder flavours of the Apolo 11 we used in our first bar, Hunkute's sweet, fruity notes and white pepper aroma were sure to contribute something markedly different to the new cacao being used to make the chocolate.

Grown by David Natei on his three-hectare farm in the Solomon Islands, the operation is entirely family run. With a strong interest in improving fermentation and drying practices, David is producing increasingly outstanding cacao. 

Rich and deep with notes of lime and banana, it balances wonderfully with the floral fruit flavours of the coffee. 

We hope you enjoy the results. 


Workshop Coffee + Pump Street Chocolate Bar

Workshop Coffee

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Our second collaborative bar with Suffolk's Pump Street Chocolate brings together our Hunkute filter roast with cacao from the Solomon Islands. The aromatic floral, stone fruit flavours of the coffee pair perfectly with the rich, deep notes of lime and banana on show in the chocolate.

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