As one coffee comes to an end in the frankly delicious Olke Bire another is added to the line up to fill the gap. Again an Ethiopian but this time from a completely different region producing a completely different style of coffee; this is Yukro from Jimma, Western Ethiopia.

Jimma is a region not renowned for producing clean, washed coffees as most grown there are low grade naturally processed coffees which fetch very low prices at market. Things are changing in the region however; work from Technoserve, an NGO that is helping to finance the creation of washing stations is seeing the region produce washed coffees of a much higher quality than before. This coupled with the dissemination of farming, processing and marketing knowledge is allowing farmers in the area to produce coffee rewarded with higher prices and compete in the same markets as their fellow countrymen and women in the well known Southern regions of Yirgacheffe and Sidamo.

Yukro offers up the gentle aromas of English hops and baking spices that leads into a plump
grape sweetness, a deep, resinous body, and a lengthy, clean finish, and has proved to be a coffee that compliments our other Ethiopian offerings very well.  It is only through investment that farmers and cooperatives from new regions will improve and we do hope that by purchasing this coffee, the 433 members of the Yukro Cooperative continue to develop it's washed production techniques, offering better coffee in seasons to come.