As we prepare to unload a container of fresh crop Peruvian coffees, we hosted an open tasting at La Marzocco HQ UK on Willow Street in East London. A big thanks to everyone that joined us on the day. 

Before gathering together around the cupping table our Chief Product Officer, James Bailey, offered an insight into our sourcing ethos in Peru, how we started and how we've grown and evolved our approach. Focussing on the Valle Inca Association, with whom we've worked for 6 years now, he shed light on our relationships in this vast and diverse producing country. It is always interesting to learn how the coffees that we eventually get to roast and showcase are assessed and either isolated or consolidated at origin.

For the tasting we looked at nine specific coffees, four from 2022 harvests and five from 2023 harvests. As well as an opportunity to sample specific producer lots, single variety selections and differences in processing techniques, having both current and upcoming coffees side by side allowed us to highlight the impact of impeccable processing and drying techniques on the longevity of our selections, shedding some light on the notion of freshness. For us, whilst already showing huge potential, we're confident that there is more to come from the 2023 season coffees as they continue to open up and become more expressive. 

Part of an ongoing series, we're looking forward to hosting our next Cupping Club in early 2024. Keep an eye on our social channels and newsletter to be the first to find out about where and when we'll be hosting.