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Coffee curated to elevate your everyday — explore our rotating range of... 

House blends

Our signature sips in one location. Our house blends consist of seasonally... 


Certified home-compostable capsules; rich and satisfying Nespresso compatible coffee pods.  

Our latest brews

More characterful coffee.

View our freshly roasted roster.

Our latest brews

More characterful coffee.

View our freshly roasted roster.

Superior sourcing — from initial harvest to final cup.

Sourcing specialty coffee relies on more than just a good palate, but inherently requires a strong ethos and well calibrated moral compass. Producing high quality lots requires effort, dedication, and commitment on both the producing and buying side.

More considered cups — unlocking the natural flavours of every bean.

We’re devoted to preserving, refining and enhancing our raw beans into truly remarkable coffee. ‘Clean, sweet and fresh’ is the guiding principle behind every batch of every coffee we showcase.

Resourceful routines — minimising our impact at every level.

Our sourcing approach isn’t just about discovering the most delicious lots available to buy. We seek to ensure an honest and open dialogue with the people we work with, and feed into an ongoing cycle of quality and sustainability.

Our commitment to...

Sourcing Roasting Sustainability
  • Wholesale coffee enquiries

    We see the potential of greater partnerships — hosting Workshop Coffee in some of the best cafes, hotels and restaurants.

  • Office coffee delivery

    Morale-boosting brews. Elevated espresso, filter and coffee pods delivered for the whole team.