The Clever Dripper's design combines the flavour and ease of full immersion brewing with the clarity of flavour of a drip filter. As the coffee sits and steeps the grounds will fall and settle as your timer ticks on. Once you're ready to serve, placing the brewer on top of a mug or decanter will let the coffee drain into your chosen receptacle.



For one cup of coffee you will need:
  • 25g coffee
  • Soft, clean water
  • Clever Dripper and filter paper
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Stirrer
  • Scales and timer
  • Decanter

Step 1.

Place your water onto the boil. Prepare the brewer by folding over the edge of your filter paper and placing it inside your Clever Dripper.

Step 2.

Add some hot water to rinse the paper filter. Pop the lid on and let the brewer warm up.

Step 3.

Weigh out and grind your 25g of coffee, aiming for a consistency that resembles coarse salt.

Step 4.

Hold off on adding your coffee just yet. First, drain your rinsing water and place the brewer on your scales. Zero them off and add 400g water, right off the boil.

Step 5.

Start your timer and add your ground coffee to the hot water. Give it a good stir to make sure all the grounds get wet, avoiding stirring right to the bottom of the brewer bed. With very fresh coffee this can take a few stirs to make sure all of the floating coffee gets knocked down into the brew water.

Step 6.

Put the lid on and leave your coffee to brew for 2 minutes. Then stir the surface again to knock down any floating grounds trapped in the crust that's formed on the top.

Step 7.

At 3 minutes, place the brewer on top of your decanter. It should take just over a minute for the brewed coffee to drain through into your cup or decanter.

Step 8.

If you find your Clever Dripper's draining too fast, or the coffee tastes watery, you should grind finer next time. If it's draining slowly or becomes blocked it will likely taste a little bitter, and you'll need to grind coarser next time.

Step 9.

Dump the coffee grounds and filter into your compost bin and rinse off the brewer. Stir your brewed coffee, serve and enjoy as it cools down.

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Untapped potential

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