French Press

The French Press is a classic immersion brewer that offers a fool-proof way of brewing filter coffee for larger groups or thirsty households. Like any filter brewer, getting the grind right is of paramount importance. Unlike a lot of brewing advice, we don’t opt for a super coarse grind for French Press brewing, opting instead for a medium consistency. This will ensure a proper extraction, whereas coarse grinds will produce a watery, flat cup, and too fine a grind will simply clog the filter and create silty cups of coffee.



45g fresh, whole bean coffee • Soft, clean water • French Press • Grinder • Stirrer • Scales and timer • Decanter


Pop your water on to boil. Make sure to use some to pre-warm and rinse your French Press and decanter.

Step 2

Weigh out and grind your coffee, aiming for a couscous-like consistency, and add to the brewer. If you're using the Wilfa Grinder, turn the hopper so you can read "AERO" of AEROPRESS.

Step 3

Place the brewer on your scales, zero off and add your ground coffee.

Step 4

Your brewing water should be just off the boil. Start your timer and add 750g water, making sure to not leave any dry patches.

Step 5

Stir the coffee to make sure no patches are left high and dry and there are no clumps at the bottom of the brewer.

Step 6

At 3-4 minutes, push down any grounds that have floated up to the top using the back of a spoon. Skim off any foam from the surface if you prefer a cleaner cup (which you no doubt will).

Step 7

Set the plunger in place and very gently press until the mesh reaches just above the coffee bed at the bottom of the brewer.

Step 8

Wait as long as you can, at least two minutes, before gently pouring the entire contents into your decanter. The longer you leave the grounds to settle, you’ll experience more clarity and less sediment in your cup.

Step 9

By decanting all the brewed coffee rather than holding it in the French Press, you’ve stopped the extraction and left as much silt as possible behind. Your coffee will continue to clarify in the decanter, so wait a moment before pouring into cups.

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