‘Clean, sweet and fresh’ is the guiding principle behind every batch of every coffee we produce. Initially, this means sourcing coffee from growers who pay close attention to all stages of harvest and processing, but at our end we feel the responsibility lies with us to ensure that our roasting is always...

Careful. We want to showcase the intrinsic quality of each of the coffees we serve, meaning that we don’t want to taste the influence of the roasting process itself. We’re looking for our roasting to be transparent; merely a process by which we unlock the coffee’s potential.

Consistent. We don't think that getting it right every now and then is good enough. We employ a combination of roasting intelligence software, strict quality control and a healthy dose of honesty to ensure every bag of coffee you receive is up to standard.

Considered. In order to ensure that our guides are in the right places, and that the coffee is still as fresh as the day we started serving it, a rigorous self-critical quality control programme is essential. Even when our coffee passes all in-roasting quality checks, we still evaluate every single batch by taste, on three separate occasions. Just to make sure.

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