V60 Bundle

V60 Bundle

Workshop Coffee

A go-to brewing bundle, bringing together the ever-reliable 2-cup V60 brewer, a 600ml glass decanter and 2 tempered glass cups. Also included is a bag of single origin filter coffee, which you can choose to receive as whole bean or pre-ground.

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  • Heat resistant glass.
  • Kinto products made in Japan.

Product information


Hario in Japan make fantastic pour-over cones, and over the years we've trialled many sizes and materials. The 2-cup plastic version is easily the best when it comes to brewing coffee at the right temperature, as the brewer does not suck the heat out of your brewing water in the same way that glass or ceramic can do.

Aesthetically pleasing enough to proudly display on a shelf, hard-wearing enough to be placed in your suitcase for a long weekend of brewing on the road, this 2-Cup V60 allows you to brew up to half a litre of delicious coffee with ease.

Be sure to add some filter papers so you're ready to go.


Made from heat resistant glass, this decanter holds up to 600ml, making it the perfect receptacle for a 2-cup pourover.

Designed and made by KINTO, providing ample reassurance that this piece of coffee brewing hardware has been created not just to look beautiful, but to last.

Workshop x Kinto Cups

A collaboration with Japanese tableware brand Kinto, these heat-resistant cups are made from a semi-translucent glass that makes for a distinct and desirable finish.

340ml | Dishwasher and microwave safe | Made in Japan

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