Throughout the year, our team continuously receives coffee samples from both long-time producers and of lots which could mark the start of a new buying relationship. We have a clear understanding of the flavour profiles we're seeking, and roasting these samples and tasting them is an integral part of the buying process.

Test roasting the samples

In addition to tasting, we follow specific protocols to gain deeper insights into the coffees. By assessing the green seeds before roasting, we can learn about the moisture content, water activity, presence of visible defects, and fluorescence under UV light, which can indicate uneven drying or microbial activity.

James Bailey assessing each green seed by hand, under UV

Our approach involves closely looking at these small details and conducting honest, open taste tests, which form an essential part of our buying program. Currently, we are cupping lots from Kenya, India, Costa Rica, Peru, and Colombia. Once we have the tasting notes, we can cross-reference these with the green analysis.

This process not only provides a comprehensive view of how the coffee performs now but also allows us to predict how the flavours will evolve over the coming months.

Roasted samples ready for cupping

Cupping the roasted samples