An ideal introduction to our seasonal filter range, our Filter Tasting Pack brings together four coffees from our current line-up.

Karimikui AA from Kirinyaga, Kenya, is our favourite Kenyan release of 2018 and comes from the factory which in our opinion produced the very best Kenyan lots this year. Bringing lots of acidity and juiciness to the mix, Karimikui is a dynamic, elegant and complex coffee.

Mbirizi showcases a fantastic shade dried lot from Salum Ramadhan, our longtime partner in Burundi. He operates several washing stations around Kayanza in the north of the country, and we have a real soft spot for the stone fruit, brown sugar and gentle spiciness of this lot from Mbirizi. 

Buziraguhindwa is another of Salum's stations, and it is great to taste this coffee alongside the Mbirizi to see how distinct Burundian coffees can be. Compared to the richer, more comforting flavour profile of Mbirizi, Buziraguhindwa is offering up tart, bright lime and whitecurrant, with a very juicy mouthfeel and a sparkly clean finish. 

The fourth coffee in this pack is the Ibisi PB, a peaberry selection from the Ibisi Mountain coffee washing station, located in Rwanda's famed Huye region. Bernard Uwitije is a relatively new producer, focussing exclusively on specialty coffee production, and we feel that this lot from Ibisi offers orchard fruit and gentle caramels in a well structured, deep cup. 

Please note that, as we source and roast our coffee's seasonally, we cycle through our coffees regularly. As a result, the coffees pictured and described may not be those included in the Filter Tasting Pack you receive. 

Filter Tasting Pack

Our Filter Tasting Pack is a delicious introduction to the current filter range we offer.


  • All our coffee is packed in 125g, foil-lined and valved bags
  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee
  • All orders are roasted, packed and shipped each Thursday
  • For more information on shipping, see our 'Shipping' page

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