Wilfa Grinder

The Perfect Way to Grind Fresh at Home

£129 with free shipping

An electric grinder with quality burrs and a small footprint that offers a consistent grind at the touch of a button.

Grinding fresh helps ensure absolute freshness, maximising the aroma, taste and flavour of your cup of coffee and the Wilfa Grinder can grind up to 250g at a time.

Its broad range of settings mean it’s able to grind for a broad range of brew methods, from AeroPress, to drip filters like V60, and MoccaMaster, right up to French Press simply by rotating the dial. You can find a more detailed write-up on starting points on grinding for specific grinders here.

Ready to improve your home-brewed coffee straight out of the box, other features include:

  • A timer function
  • Minimal coffee retained around the burrs
  • Easy to clean
  • A high-torque DC motor that helps preserve the volatile aromatics of your coffee and minimises noise.

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