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For just over five years we’ve featured filter coffee brewed with the AeroPress on our coffeebar menus. There’s a bunch of reasons why it is our manual coffee brewer of choice, to name a few:

  • Consistent results: As with any method where the coffee grounds are steeped in hot water it’s almost effortless to get an even extraction.
  • Clean: Filter papers remove any potential sediment from the cup that a metal mesh filter would allow through.
  • Round: The pressure from the plunging action creates a cup with more texture and a rounder mouthfeel than dripper methods.
  • Easy: You can make brewing with the AeroPress as easy or as hard as you like. Pick one up today and if you get really into it and want to nerd out then come along to the next national AeroPress competition to see how the coffee pros modify their brewing methods.

    Contains 350 filter papers, a stirrer, funnel and a scoop.

    To find out how to get a tasty cup using the AeroPress, take a look at our Brewing Guide.

    Made in USA.



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    There's a reason we choose the AeroPress for filter brewing in our stores; simple to use, easy to clean, and consistently delicious coffee.