Coffee, Coaster & Cup Set

Coffee, Coaster & Cup Set

Workshop Coffee

Bringing together our handmade leather coasters from Tanner Bates, Kinto glass cups and a 250g bag of our complex & aromatic Legacy Filter coffee.

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  • Naturally processed, handmade and finished leather coasters.
  • Dishwasher safe glass cups.

Product information

The Coasters

Created in collaboration with Tanner Bates, we’re pleased to present a small run of carefully created leather coasters.

Based in Dartington, Devon, Tanner Bates is world-renowned for its dedication to creating exceptional, handcrafted leather goods. Founded by John Hagger, the team who are now led under the experienced guidance of Rick Burns-Howell and Matt Nesbitt, place an unwavering focus on quality over quantity to create products that are known for their longevity and artisanship.

The coasters are made from vegetable tanned leather, which is regarded as the highest quality available.

Minimally processed with tree bark, water and time being the only three ingredients used in the tanning process, its surface is neither mechanically buffed nor sanded. The initial sample we received of this leather stood out to us when considering our options; it was only once we'd chosen it that it was referred to as 'espresso leather' – a wonderful bit of serendipity.

The Cups

A collaboration with Japanese tableware brand Kinto, these heat-resistant cups are made from a semi-translucent glass that makes for a distinct and desirable finish.

The Coffee

Developing our Legacy Filter blend has been driven by the desire to support our core producer groups through paying premium prices for larger volumes and more lots of coffee. The flavours are very complementary, and we have been honing our roasting approach to ensure the resulting cups are harmonious and balanced.

Please note:

Handmade from naturally processed leather, each coaster will show a degree of variance. In Tanner Bate's own words: “We select only the finest full grain leathers. The hides are bursting with character and each natural mark tells the story of the animal’s life. We celebrate this, no two handcrafted Tanner Bates products are the same".

In the same vein, as the coasters are made from full grain vegetable tanned leather, they will take on marks with time and use, especially from exposure to moisture or heat. This is something Tanner Bates celebrate. "The first is always the most painful, however this is the beginning of your coaster developing its patina. Each mark will go deeper into the leather with every application of Hide Food, deepening and darkening in colour, eventually transforming and taking on the familiar look of well loved vintage leather. Each coaster will develop a patina unique to its owner and tell the story over its life. It is a journey which cannot be rushed – your patina has to be earned".

Shipping and returns

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