Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder Gen 2

Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder Gen 2

Fellow Products

Designed specifically for filter brewing, the Ode grinder fuses professional functionality with design-driven form to offer a compelling grinder for coffee enthusiasts.

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  • Stainless Steel 64mm Flat Burrs.
  • 100g bean capacity.
  • Magnetically aligned grounds container.

Product information

Created specifically for filter coffee, the next generation of Fellow Products’ Ode Gen 2 grinder builds on the succession of version 1. Gen 2 Brew Burrs grind finer and with greater precision, as well as offering a broader range of grind settings.

The 64mm professional grade flat burrs provide 31 grind settings that produce a sweet, balanced and aromatic cup. New anti-static technology and the updated magnetically aligned load bin design also make for less mess, with the latter continuing to be incredibly satisfying to use.

Perfect for Pourover, French Press, AeroPress or any other filter brewing method, the Ode is driven by a powerful motor with PID feedback control and grind settings can be easily and precisely adjusted using the dial on its front.

The San Francisco-based brand’s continued reputation for combining technical capability with a strong aesthetic means that they have been mindful of the fact this grinder will live on your kitchen counter. They have therefore created a beautiful object to adorn it. Space saving design decisions such as removing the hopper have been made to keep its presence unobtrusive and also encourages home-brewers to dose and grind fresh for every brew – something we actively encourage to get the most from your cup.

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100g bean capacity Magnetically aligned grounds container Grinds knocker for reduced retention Auto-stop function Cord length: 1 metre 220v; UK plug 140w Stainless Steel 64mm Flat Burrs Aluminium body Dimensions (H x W x D): 239 x 105 x 248.3mm 4.6kg.