Stagg [X] Pourover

Stagg [X] Pourover

Fellow Products

The 1-cup option of this pourover brewer from Fellow Products focusses on your coffee bed and heat retention to offer improved consistency from cup to cup.

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  • Brews up to 300ml of coffee.
  • Double wall vacuum insulated.

Product information

Another considered piece from San Francisco-based Fellow Products.

The outer of this 1-cup pourover brewer might suggest that its walls are completely vertical. However, the brewing cone inside is in fact sloped, but at an incredibly steep angle, which in turn increases the height of your coffee bed.

This increased height forces water to make more contact with your coffee as it travels through the dripper, increasing your chances of achieving an even and consistent extraction from cup to cup.

This focus on consistent extraction flows through to one of the more unusual elements of the Stagg [X] – double-wall vacuum insulation. The two stainless steel walls help to improve temperature stability whilst you’re brewing by mitigating heat loss. Another added benefit is that the outer of the brewer remains cool to the touch when it comes to brewing, if you like to hold the brewer to agitate the bloom, and also when removing the brewer from your carafe once you’re done.

The brewer’s unique hole pattern serves to further optimise extraction by offering no clog drainage and it also comes with a ratio aid – a fallback option for measuring out your beans should you have no scales to hand and which also doubles as a useful drip cup for holding your Stagg [X] before and after brewing.

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Brews up to 300ml of coffee | Double wall vacuum insulation | Stainless steel body Silicone gasket