Tender x Workshop Coffee Socks

Tender x Workshop Coffee Socks

Workshop Coffee

A collaboration with William Kroll of Gloucestershire-based Tender, these natural unbleached woollen socks have been naturally dyed using Workshop Coffee.

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  • Knitted and hand linked in England.
  • Naturally dyed using waste coffee.

Product information

Created in collaboration with Tender, together we've created a short run of knitted, hand linked socks that have been naturally dyed with Workshop Coffee.

Founded by British designer William Kroll, Tender is inspired by antique workwear, and the Great British Steam Age in particular. Their products are currently found in quality-focused apparel stores across the world, from the UK and through Europe, right on to the US, Australia and Japan.

Kroll's approach and product philosophy is beautifully embodied in the name of the business itself; creating products that he feels are honest and tactile, 'Tender' eloquently yet succinctly captures his approach to each piece.

These rib woollen socks we’ve created together are made using natural unbleached woollen yarn. Knitted and hand linked in England, they initially take the form of a long, continuous tube of many socks which are then cut apart into create individual socks. The process involves taking these cut, still-open socks and then knitting the two sides of one end together to create a flat, seamless join at the toe.

They have then been submerged in a dye vat with several kilos of finely ground coffee, and the natural dyeing process has imparted a beautiful caramel colour, reminiscent of espresso and milk drinks.

A collaboration that’s been created to wear in, not out, we hope you enjoy the results.

Shipping and returns

If you have an issue with or are unsatisfied with your order, then you have 28 days from the date you received it to contact us to let us know.

Care Instructions

The colour in natural dyed socks may transfer for the first few wears- we recommend washing cool, with similar colours, and not wearing with light coloured shoes until the socks have been washed a few times.