Opening last year, Under Pressure Espresso is a small coffee bar in Sutton Coldfield, just north of Birmingham. The owner and founder of Under Pressure, Matthew Hall, having worked at great roasters and cafes around the world, decided to return to his hometown and go about putting into practice everything he had learnt.  Driven by the goal of serving the best possible coffee in an accessible manner with no pretence, it's obvious Matthew has genuine passion for speciality coffee. 

Alongside a variety of different hand brew methods, the bar features a La Marzocco GS/3 and Mythos Grinder at its core. Having a single group GS/3, Matthew is free to explore different pressure profiles and temperatures when brewing, testing different recipes for his espressos, as he tries to get the best out of each coffee he serves.

Under Pressure is testament to the growth of speciality coffee in the UK, showing that innovation and quality is not limited to larger towns and cities but can thrive in local communities too. 

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Under Pressure Espresso

23a Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1QA


Mon to Thursday – 8am to 5pm
Fri to Saturday - 8am to 6pm
Sunday - 10am to 4pm