Last weekend, in an impressively cavernous space just off New York City's Lexington Avenue and 25th Street, the inaugural New York Coffee Festival took place.

Normally home to the New York Army National Guard's 69th Infantry Regiment, for three days it was filled with coffee roasters, cafes and food equipment suppliers from the city itself, as well as across the US and the rest of the world -- and we were amongst them. 

Brewing and serving our Los Altares and Gachatha AA for the entirety of the event, we also hosted one of the weekends many Lab sessions. Introducing our Barista Roadmap, we touched on our key successes and learnings from the last 18 months before opening up the floor for a spot of Q&A. 

Having served over 1,300 coffees, had hundreds of conversations and answered all manner of questions, we touched back down in the UK one week ago. Having put paid to our jet lag, here's a small snapshot of what we experienced. 

Photo credits: Zsuzsa Zicho