It started as many good things do: with a conversation. Two sets of people creating altogether different products, but doing so in an incredibly like-minded way.

The more we spoke, the more we realised the stark parallels in our ethos and approach and so the swapping of stories soon transformed into mutual Roastery and brewery tours, the exchanging of ingredients and the beginnings of a collaboration.

Coming to us with various styles of porter made up of different types of hops, Brew By Numbers’ Cal and Bates worked with our Head of Quality, James Bailey, to find something that would balance well with our coffee. Unsurprisingly, a big part of the decision making process was which of our coffees we’d be using.

Looking for something bright and fruited to cut through the richness often found in a porter, we experimented with our Hunkute (Ethiopia), Los Altares (Guatemala) and Kagumoini (Kenya) roasts before finally deciding on Kamwangi (Kenya). Our chosen bean – which we’re due to release as an espresso in the coming weeks – was paired with a porter brewed using Willamette and Centennial hops to create Coffee Porter 10|06.

“We approached Workshop Coffee because they do what we consider the best coffee in London. We really appreciate their top to bottom approach, dealing with famers, processing the beans in their Roastery and roasting to a very high spec before getting the end result to cup via their coffeebars, retail sales and wholesale partners”

-- Bates, Head Brewer, BBNo. 

Saturday 20th August saw the official launch of our collaboration, as throngs of thirsty beer lovers descended on the Brew By Numbers Brewery and Tap Room to enjoy a few weekend beers.

To celebrate and to complement the partnership, we braved the weekend winds to offer up two coffees from our filter range for visitors to enjoy alongside their porter. Serving Los Altares and Kagumoini throughout the afternoon, we were also able to enjoy BBNo.’s plethora of delicious beers as the day wore on.

The Brew By Numbers Coffee Porter is available to drink in and take home from our Clerkenwell Café.