Sunday 21st April marks the UK running communities pillar event, London Marathon. As in years gone by, the city will play host to runners from across the country and the globe as they line up to race past icons and landmarks. Spectators will line the course, standing shoulder to shoulder along the 26.2 mile route around the city, creating the unique and uplifting atmosphere London is known for.

But 2024 feels a little different. From grass roots communities to fully-fledged clubhouses, there’s little doubt that running is having a moment. Its surging popularity is being driven by an increased focus on socialising and inclusion, and a focus on what happens around the activity itself, has allowed marathon day to transform into marathon week. Spaces, places and races are popping up around the city to celebrate all that running has to offer.

We’re proud to have been part of the running community for years now. From weekly group runs from our coffeebars, to supporting Tracksmith during their first London pop-up in 2019, we’ve also worked with the likes of SUMMAT and Kings of the Wild Frontier to supply their cafe spaces with coffee for several years. Other affiliations are a touch more associative, as wholesale partners establish and run their own group runs, like Grocery Post. Perfectly situated near Hampstead Heath, they host mid-week and weekend meet-ups in North West London. 

This week you’ll find Workshop Coffee at Creative Cadence, a collaborative concept store created by Grove Lane Runners, running brand Over Over and nutrition company Styrkr. Our seasonal filter Fazenda Pinheiro — a sweet and fruity Brazilian lot - will be fuelling shakeouts and providing a delicious punctuation point to group runs. 

Our bespoke coffee, Runner’s Reserve, will also continue to be brewed, served and sold in Tracksmith’s London Trackhouse on Chiltern Street. 

Unlike any other weekend in the city, London Marathon brings with it a festival feel. We’re pleased to continue playing a part in that.