We’ve recently added a host of new hardware to our range of brewing equipment to help ensure we’re continually offering the best apparatus to get the most out of your brew.

As always, we’ve been testing, experimenting and working with each new piece of equipment for some time to understand just what it can do. Our experience with the Acaia Pearl Scale has been nothing but a pleasure. 

The Acaia Pearl scale is, in our opinion, the most beautiful, minimalist and versatile coffee scale on the market. Accurate to 0.1g with a 20 millisecond response time, the scale boasts several built in modes that combine timing and taring on demand or automatically, meaning you’ll be able to customise your brewing experience to suit your needs. 

The scale also connects to a suite of apps made by Acaia. These provide you with a host of data points and metrics that go beyond brew water weight and time, encompassing things like flow rate, which allows you to track and evolve your technique over time.

Given the intelligence of the Pearl scales, one of their biggest benefits is rather simple. The ability to recharge the scale using a micro-USB cable will strike a positive chord with home brewers, many of whom will have been caught short when making their morning AeroPress or Clever Dripper only to find their scales batteries have died and having to resort to cautiously eyeballing their dose. 

No more. 

Herein lies perpetual accuracy for every type of brewer; the large platform means that even brewers like the Chemex or a large French Press sit atop the scale easily, with the display still completely visible. 

An investment in something like the Acaia Pearl is significant, and you may be nervous about pouring boiling water onto your brewer – what if water or, worse, coffee spills? Even this has been considered in its design. A buttonless platform and the enclosed side panels mean that the scale is water resistant and spills won’t affect its performance. 

It’s worth noting that it won’t function when fully submerged in water, but, then again, who expects that of a coffee scale? 

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