You’ve selected some great coffee beans, you’ve invested in a high quality burr grinder and you’ve even gone to the trouble of sourcing some top quality brew water from your local cafe. Then it comes to brewing your morning pour over and you just can’t quite seem to perfect the technique.

It’s not your fault. 

The spout on your kettle is wide and dribbly, you can’t pour in an even stream, some of the coffee grounds are getting sloshed around more than others. All that work just to fall at the last hurdle.

Fret not. 

With Fellow Product’s Stagg Kettle, not only will you have the ultimate control over your pouring, the tactile act of making a cup of coffee becomes so much more rewarding. With a built in thermometer and incredibly well designed spout, you’re armed with a more accurate brewing tool which ultimately results in more consistently tasty results (as well as less mess). 

Having angled the spout in such a sheer way, Fellow have also made it possible to pour low and close to the coffee bed on both near and far sides of your pour over cone, overcoming a frustration with other more curved ‘gooseneck’ spouted kettle options. 

Finally, we’d be remiss to talk about the Stagg without acknowledging its beautiful and considered design. Whilst enough to appease any aesthete, the finish comes from a place of practicality, meaning it looks and feels great on your hob and in your hand. The handle is weighted in such a way as to offer an extra feeling of control, as if every time you’ve used a pouring kettle before you’ve been playing pool with just your back hand on the cue. And now, suddenly, you’ve found a rest.