ZeroWater Filter Jug

ZeroWater Filter Jug


Elevate your home brewing by taking complete control of your brew water. Create a clean slate that allows you to modify and tweak your water for your preferred taste preferences.

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    Brew water is a dense and, at times, distracting topic in specialty coffee. However, its importance in creating nuanced, interesting and delicious brews is beyond doubt.

    The ZeroWater Filter Jug provides you with a clean slate, creating pure water with no minerals that you can use as a base in a whole host of ways, to tailor your brew water for bright, slim and juicy coffee all the way to more body-driven cups with a more integrated, softened acidity.

    The longevity of the filters will depend on the initial hardness of your water, but the electronic TDS meter included with each jug will allow you to keep on top of the filter’s performance, letting you know when it is time to switch it out once the reading gets to 006 ppm.

    We’d advise remineralising with your tap water or water from your regular filter jug you use for drinking water, aiming for the following bands of hardness for the desired results in your cup:

    65-75ppm: bright acidity, slim body, delicate sweetness.
    90-100ppm: balanced, prominent sweetness and ripe acidity, round body.
    140-150ppm: richer, more textured body, increased bittersweet tones, integrated acidity.
    For the utmost control, you can also purchase pre-measured sachets of minerals designed for coffee from various companies such as Third Wave Water and Perfect Coffee Water, or use Bicarbonate of Soda and Epsom Salts to tinker yourself, offering full customisability.

    Includes 1 x ZeroWater Single Filter and a TDS meter (battery included).

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