AeroPress Go

AeroPress Go


Having always billed this 1-cup brewer as travel friendly, the latest iteration takes it one step further, with all components packing down to fit inside the included travel mug.

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  • Travel friendly.
  • Filter papers & cup included.

Product information

We're long-time fans of the AeroPress and proponents of its ability to yield consistent, clean results with minimal effort.

All of the components of the brewer have been created to pack down so that they can be stored inside the included travel mug.

In the box, you'll find:

The AeroPress chamber and plunger
A folding stirrer
350 filter papers
A compact filter holder, which holds up to 20 filter papers for the road
A scoop (particularly handy if you're taking pre-ground coffee with you)
A travel mug
A lid

Made in the USA.

Shipping and returns

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