AR Ceramics x Workshop Coffee Hand Thrown Cup

AR Ceramics x Workshop Coffee Hand Thrown Cup

AR Ceramics x Workshop Coffee

Our first ceramics collaboration in 5 years, these 8oz cups have been created in collaboration with London-based ceramicist Andrea Roman.

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  • Hand thrown in London.
  • Stoneware clay.

Product information

Andrea Roman is the person behind the initials of AR Ceramics. Born in Mexico City, she moved to London in 2013 where she now creates beautiful, architecturally-inspired ceramic pieces for everyday use.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we worked together with Andrea to create a limited-run series of 8oz cups.

Characterised by her use of texturised clay, Andrea’s work is not only tactile, but aims to inspire those that use her pieces to take the time to enjoy and indulge in their everyday routines.

Created using a stoneware clay, Andrea enlists a slightly more unusual technique for colouring her pieces. Rather than applying a glaze to each piece, she works a stain into the clay by hand. The colour stemming from the clay itself means she has to work carefully between batches, adhering to a recipe each time to ensure uniformity across pieces.

“I like to think of this as a way of getting the user closer to the clay”, says Roman. “By leaving the external surface unglazed, I’m trying to highlight the peculiar, tactile quality of the clay”.

The inside of each cup is finished with a clear glaze to ensure the final piece is not just beautiful, but functional:

“I don’t see my pieces as display pieces. I want people to use them on a daily basis and become their favourite thing. I want them to use it”.

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Capable of holding a V60 Pourover or an AeroPress. All dyes used are food safe. Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.