Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder

Fellow Opus Coffee Grinder

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An all purpose conical burr coffee grinder, the Fellow Opus is capable of grinding for all coffee brewing methods, from espresso to filter.

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  • 41+ precision settings.
  • 110 gram capacity.

Product information

Grinders that can grind for both espresso and filter brewing, whilst also remaining accessibly priced, are elusive. Whilst a number of claim

to be able to run the gamut from the coarseness required for French Press and – more challenging – the fineness of espresso, few are capable of delivering.

We're happy to introduce you to the Fellow Opus, a grinder that has been designed to be an all purpose coffee grinder, and which delivers. Its high-torque motor and 6-blade conical burr set produce outstanding grind consistency and flavour via its 41+ precision settings. The grinder includes a volumetric dosing lid to measure beans, a spouted catch for mess-free transitions, anti-static technology to minimise retention, and a helpful grind guide that helps you establish your starting point

As with the Fellow Ode and other products from the San Francisco-based brand, the team have been mindful of the fact this grinder will live on your kitchen counter and have created a beautiful object to adorn it. Space saving design decisions such as removing the hopper have been made to keep its presence unobtrusive and also encourages home-brewers to dose and grind fresh for every brew – something we actively encourage to get the most from your cup.

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41+ precision settings with intuitive grind guide Anti-static technology C6-40 Burly Burrs™: 6-blade 40 mm conical burrs 6 Nm of torque 350 RPM burr speed Timed autostop Magnetic catch cupLow grind retention 110 gram capacity Single dose loading for maximum freshness Spouted catch for easy transitions Compact height and footprint.