Designed by Ari Halonen in Norway, this 1-cup coffee brewer uses pressure to create a delicious brew simply and speedily.

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  • Includes 100-micron mesh filter.

Product information

Ostensibly a single-cup brewer, the SteepShot is unlike anything else we’ve brewed with. Neither espresso nor a stovetop brewer, it isn’t like regular immersion methods, such as French Press, Clever Dripper or Aeropress, either.

By sealing your ground coffee and water together inside the brew chamber, pressure accumulates, meaning that you’re able to achieve a full extraction in less time than other comparably sized coffee brewers.

What’s more, immersion brewing methods have the benefit of being more forgiving over pourover in terms of achieving an even extraction. The risk of channelling is reduced, and you’re also able to dictate how long to steep for by adjusting your grind – going finer will make for a faster brew, whereas opting for a coarser grind will require a slower steep.

The metal filter that comes with the unit is reusable and produces a surprisingly clean tasting cup. However, you can also choose to use paper Aeropress filters for even more clarity, as well as an alternative 60-micron metal filter. This will help you achieve a slightly more clarified brew liquor and is available to purchase as an add on in the drop down menu.

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Dishwasher Safe Comes with a 100 micron, reusable metal filter Compatible with Aeropress filter papers and an optional extra of a 60-micron mesh filter for improved clarification 250g brew capacity Dimensions: 29cm (H) × 13cm (W) × 13 cm (D) Designed in Norway Manufactured in China.